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Phillip Morrison is a Scottish Composer and Musician.

Currently based in Glasgow, Phillip is well known for his Hollywood style compositions and emotional piano soundtrack music, in addition to his diverse drumming skills.

From childhood, listening to his Father perform on a range of musical instruments inspired Phillip to do the same.
As a teenager, Phillip wrote and performed music with numerous bands of various genres across the UK.
Whilst studying Audio Engineering, Phillip founded an Audio Production company working with local and touring, signed and unsigned bands.

Inspired by film and game scores, Phillip started composing for orchestra. In 2010 ‘The Wings of an Angel’ was released digitally and later, co-wrote Orchestra for his Symphonic Metal band, Concept of Time’s promotional release ‘Breathe’.
Phillip has composed and performed many orchestral and piano soundtrack music for his own releases in addition to working with artists including:
The Fall of Eve (Symphonic Rock), Missing Focus (Acoustic), Jhoana Sanchez – Sons of Nephilim (Alternative Metal, Mexico), Sinclair MacLeod (Top 5 Amazon audio books Author), Rainland (SynthPop), Cue and Review "Print Speaking to the Blind" and East Dunbartonshire Radio.